Gregory's Food's Inc.

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Gregory's Foods, Inc. Weekly WOW Specials!

Gregory's Foods Weekly Wow Deals Purchase first case/bag and get one free!

Check back soon for the new weekly WOW Special!

tortillias | Flour tortillias | corn tortillias | taco tortillasWeekly WOW special is valid Monday thru Friday during the week of the indicated special. Please contact your sales representative or visit Contact Us page for more information. New purchases only. Limit one free case.

whole wheat bread | frozen bread dough | ready made bread

chocolate chip cookies | ready made cookies | frozen cookies
Why Gregory's Foods, Inc?

Unsolicited email: "With over 30 years in the baking industry, I can assure you that I've used numerous baking suppliers. In this time, nobody has done a better job servicing my companies needs better than Gregory's. From pricing to customer service, Gregory's is miles ahead of their competitors. If I hadn't built a relationship with these good people, my road to success would have been filled with a lot more potholes. If you aren't using Gregory's Foods as your first choice of baking purveyors, it's time to re-examine your purchasing strategy.

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