Gregory's Food's Inc.

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Why Choose Gregory's Foods?
  • Richer, fresher dough, mixes, and ingredients
  • Scratch quality-frozen convenience
  • Quality made-to-order
  • SQF certified
  • 110 years lab and quality control experience
  • 2 on staff Certified Master Bakers
At Gregory's Foods, we skip the short-cuts and stick to quality products that you will buy if you have choice. You can always come to us for the rich, old-fashioned products you want.

Our Product Summary:
Wet Mix:
  • Fillings, Icings, Plastic Bases
  • Kosher Parve available upon request
  • All types of retail style breads
  • Buns, Rolls and Bread Sticks
  • Scones, Cookies, Retail-Bulk and Mini Cookies
  • Bear Claws* (new product release May 2014)
Laminated Frozen:
  • Danish
  • Croissants
  • Puff Pastry items including, turnovers and snack bites
  • 5x5 squares and Bulk items
  • We recently added Cronuts, the latest craze!
Dry Mix:
  • Breads, Bases & Mixes, Brownies
  • Danish, Croissants, Turnovers, Scones,
  • Mini Donuts, Biscuits, Tortillas

sponge cake, frozen bread dough, muffins, cookies, danshDon't see what you are looking for on this list? Our staff has the capabilities to produce items to fit the specific needs of your operation!

Why do you do business with Gregory’s Foods?

(Unsolicited email)Customer Service! They also have a sales rep that actually helps you. If we are shorted product or mispicked, they correct it. They are the only company that I buy from that does this. Gregory's Foods actually cares about small business and does not view small businesses as an inconvenience. Quality Products is another reason we do business with Gregory's Foods.


Visit our Contact Us page to start the process of becoming another satisfied Gregory's Foods customer!

Danish, donuts, jelly-filled donuts, muffins
If you are tired on the one-size-fits all doughs, mixes and ingredients try Gregory's Foods products that are made with quality, richard and fresher ingredients.

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